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An Integrated Approach to Sustainable Roadside Design and Restoration /

Year: 2013
Author: Amit Armstrong, Ph.D., P.E.,Lindsey Sousa, AICP, LEED AP, Colin Haggerty, P.E., CFM, Conrad Fischer
Program(s): Transportation Systems
Category: Design, Sustainability

Description /

The roadside represents the interface between the roadway and the surrounding environment, and plays an important role in protecting the larger ecosystem. Roadsides are dynamic environments that require unique treatments and restoration approaches. This guide presents an integrated and holistic approach to incorporating sustainable solutions into disciplines such as hydraulic design, geotech, aesthetics and vegetation, among others. The intent of this research is not to create a new design process, but rather to incorporate recommendations into the existing design process. The goal is to raise awareness about the trade-offs inherent in designing a sustainable roadside so that these issues are addressed early-on in project
development. A checklist of sustainability strategies is included in this guidebook as a tool within the project development process.

PDF wfl_sustainable_roadsides_webpost.pdf (4.26 MB)

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