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An Integrated Approach for Building Sustainable Roads /

Year: 2013
Author: Amit Armstrong, Ph.D., P.E., Lisa M. Reid, P.E., PMP, Anneke J. Davis, P.E., Jaclyn Gault
Program(s): Transportation Systems
Category: Construction, Sustainability

Description /

This guidebook provides an approach for practitioners to integrate sustainability into the planning, design, and construction of roadway projects and is intended to be compatible with an owner’s existing technical guidance for project development processes. The approach in this guidebook assumes that appropriate system-level planning efforts are complete and a specific project is identified for development. The approach is applicable to the project development phases of the project lifecycle, which include project planning, design, and construction.

This guidebook focuses on an approach for integrating sustainability rather than providing a set of sustainable solutions for practitioners to choose from that could quickly become outdated. Providing the approach, instead of the solutions, gives practitioners the tools they need to integrate sustainability and ensures that the guidebook remains current and relevant while sustainability technology and best practices continue to evolve. Additionally, by focusing on approach, this guidebook is flexible and applicable to different project types and sizes. The approach presented in this guidebook emphasizes establishing interdisciplinary coordination, maintaining accountability of sustainability throughout project development, and appropriately utilizing resources. This guidebook is intended for any practitioner involved in project development, including the owner’s staff, public officials, planners, engineers, designers, and those involved in contractor oversight and management.

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